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Culinary Experiences That Bring People Together

Charlotte’s philosophy is that food brings people together and cooking together builds confidence and creativity. This can be applied directly to the workplace as cooking together in teams is incredibly useful for conflict resolution, bonding already tight groups, or just letting loose and having some fun. Seeing a colleague on a different, more vulnerable level, to create the same end result has proven to build strong working relationships. 

We’ve been creating experiences for teams for over the last 18 years and consult with each client individually to create an event that is tailored to the group. Getting clarity on a goal creates mutual understanding, and encourages teams to agree on a desired outcome, and discussion on ways to meet the goal which opens the line for communication and brainstorming together.

Examples of team-building experiences include:

Iron-Chef Style Competition — a mystery ingredient is revealed; teams have one hour to make an entree incorporating the mystery ingredient.

Build Your Own App — teams are given bags of mystery ingredients to make an appetizer in 45 minutes

Minute To Win It Food Games — teams compete against each other and have one minute to complete mini food competitions.

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Charlotte's Iron Chef event was AWESOME! It was so fun and creative! It was a great way to get everyone working together as a team.

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LetzCook Corporate Experiences

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